SLAVI NESTOROV – Adrenaline Junkie

Slavi is a rare kind of person and athlete, who lives beyond the borders. He is hyper-energetic, he accepts bigger and bigger challenges all the time, he breaks records. These are not empty words, Slavi keeps the Bulgarian record for speed climbing of Kilimanjaro and he is the second Bulgarian who climbed Akonkagua alone, without a support team. The last achievement was done with our Merino socks Shushon®. This is a sure indication that other interesting joint projects are coming very soon.

MILAN DIMOV – DH / Enduro Athlete

Milan is the National Champion of Bulgaria for 2015 in category “Masters”. He never rides slower than “800 km/h” on the tracks and his is always in “slaughter mode”. He invented the most emblematic jargon for the DH community in Bulgaria. Milan is a great inspirer and motivator for young and elder. His next task is to gash the French Alps on the Mega Avalanche competition together with 300 more bikers.

ROBERT SMITH – DH / Enduro Athlete

The fast rocket of Great Britain – Robert Smith continues to slay the bike tracks with our Merino socks Shushon ®. His specific aggressive ride style resulted to numerous victories. Robert is a good friend to Bulgaria and we expect a lot of new surprises due to our collaboration.


Tony a.k.a Stavry Cheresharov needs no introduction – the life of the party and the Freestyle skiing in Bulgaria at once, well-known to all, man of action and that things happen. His success can hardly be listed and described, but there is no need – everybody knows Stavry. Welcome to the family of Shushon®!

VASIL DENCHEV – DH Hartail Athlete

Vasko is one of the fastest Bulgarian hardtail downhillers. He always step on the winners stairs for his category in each national DH competition in Bulgaria. Absolutely unceremonious to the challenges of the routes, Vassil Denchev “scores times” competing with the good softail riders.

ANNIE TOMEVA – Bike Athlete

Annie is one of the best and most experienced Bulgarian girls on the Bulgarian DH scene, 2013 Champion of Bulgaria in the Women category. Beneath the girly look there is a soul who loves to live on the edge and to be free.


Vicky has been riding a bike for two years, but has already achieved quite a lot. She is a national champion and has medals abroad, too. Despite her being an inexperienced rider, she has proved a point and has showed her passion for the sport.


Rossen is a proffesional rider with a lot of titles, including also “National Champion of Bulgaria”. He actively popularize the MTB sport, helps for building new bike tracks and teaches young new talents. Rossen uses most of his spare time to ride for pleasure with friends.